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specialty/specialized treatment

We focus on abdominal surgery and oncology.
Surgical stones, hematuria, frequent urination, renal and urological disorders Swollen buttocks, perineal hernias such as constipation Malignant tumors determined to be inoperable > Please feel free to contact us. We provide sufficient informed consent so that we can discuss with the owner and provide the best treatment.  

Perineal hernia

It is a disease in which the muscles around the anus atrophy, creating a gap that causes the bladder and rectum to protrude. It is common in middle-aged males who have not been castrated. Especially in cases where the bladder protrudes, it causes renal failure due to difficulty in urinating and can be life threatening early. need treatment. If constipation persists, surgical treatment is recommended.

Oral tumor

About 80% of lumps in a cat’s mouth are malignant tumors. It progresses rapidly and invades the bone, causing severe pain. There is no anti-cancer drug that is highly effective, removal including the jawbone is necessary to relieve pain. Unfortunately, it is often found in a state where a complete cure cannot be expected . While listening to your wishes, such as how you would like to spend your remaining time, we will make a treatment plan together with the owner.

Patellar Dislocation / Patera

It is a disease in which the kneecap detaches inward. It causes knee joint deformation and arthritis Long term internal ligament tear leads to damage to the meniscus and aggravates pain. Since early surgery has a high success rate, when you start to get lame we will guide you through therapeutic intervention.  

Oncology Surgery

The number of tumors for which anticancer drugs are effective is limited The treatment for many tumors is surgical resection. Aiming for wide excision in the first surgery, A surgical plan is made to suppress recurrence. In places where it is harder to injure a part of the skin is removed and a feeding vessel is left and the wound is healed. (skin flap method)  

Urinary obstruction

A male cat’s urethra is long and narrow In a child suffering from calculi, The stones can get lodged in the urethra and cause kidney failure. If it is not possible to open the urethra with medical treatment, a surgical operation is performed to pull out the thick urethra in the pelvic cavity, to enable urination. Perineal urethral fistula  

Heart disease

Heart disease is common in dogs and cats. You can’t extend life much. Backflow of blood in the heart cardiac enlargement (ACVIM stage B2) in dogs Myocardial hypertrophy in cats detected by imaging tests. We are trying to intervene in early treatment.  

General practice

As a family doctor, regardless of whether it is internal medicine or surgery, I am also focusing on general medicine.